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As we continue to find ourselves connecting virtually more and more, the ACOP is excited to announce the official rollout of their new ACOP PedsCast! This podcast series created for members of the ACOP by members of the ACOP will cover a broad spectrum of topics that are pertinent to you, our members. With episodes geared towards all members, from medical students looking at how to look for audition rotations and future residency programs, to practicing physicians looking for quick ways to review for recertification or keep up with the latest in Osteopathic Pediatric Medicine, we hope PedsCast will become a new staple in your podcast rotation. Hosted and edited by Jason Jackson, DO, FACOP, the chairperson of the Communications and Advocacy Committee, each episode will bring in invited special guests from the community for live, in-depth and honest discussions. If you are interested in being a guest on PedsCast or have an topic you would like to see us cover, contact us at [email protected]!!


Episode 035Sitting Down with 2024 ACOP Career Achievement Award Recipient – Ava Stanczak, DO, FACOP

This month’s ACOPedscast is truly a special one as co-hosts Scott and Jason sit down with this year’s recipient of the ACOP Career Achievement Award, Dr. Ava Stanczak, DO, FACOP. Dr. Stanczak is a true pillar of the ACOP community having served as a preceptor, mentor, instructor, and Dean to numerous osteopathic medical students and trainees at various institutions.

Over the course of the conversation, Dr. Stanczak takes us on a journey of her storied career, from working as a respiratory therapist to make ends meet while also in medical school to eventually being called upon to found pediatric programs at developing osteopathic medical schools, and describes what has always been a driving force in her decision making both professionally and personally.

With the double feature of Dr. Stanczak and our current Watson Lecture designee in co-host Scott Cyrus, this episode is a wealth of inspiration for any listener regardless of where you are in your journey.

We are always looking for topic ideas and guests. Contact Scott and Jason at [email protected] if you are interested. Be sure to like, subscribe, and set up automatic downloads on whatever platform you listen to stream your podcasts on to always have the most up-to-date episodes on your computer or mobile device! Scheduled episodes out every fourth Wednesday of the month!!

Episode 034: Live on Location… the importance of being a Physician Advocate

With this special episode co-hosts Scott and Jason explore the importance of serving as an advocate for our profession and our patients. This episode was recorded live on location from the historic Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC, as your hosts prepared for the kickoff of the 2024 AOA DO Day on Capitol Hill legislative conference.

Both Jason and Scott see this week in DC advocating for the osteopathic profession and our patients as equally important to what we do on a daily basis as we advocate for our patients and their families every day in our clinics or hospital units. Only by advocating for the ongoing support of our profession can we continue to provide the care that we do to our patients, and it takes us building these relationships with policy makers on both the local and national level to ensure that our needs and the needs of our patients remains in the forefront of their minds.

Jason and Scott discuss their paths to becoming champions of healthcare advocacy and why these opportunities continue to recharge their batteries annually. They also discuss ways that you can get involved at any level and how you can start to create your own “advocacy portfolio” as you progress through your osteopathic medical journey, wherever you may be on that path.

Do you want to share your advocacy journey? Or do you have another special story you’d like to share with the ACOP community? We are always looking for guests to join us for our monthly podcast!! Contact Scott and Jason at [email protected] to arrange a guest appearance!!

Episode 033: Celebrating Match Day and Looking Ahead to Denver!

Sometimes happy accidents happen, and this month’s episode is one of those. Due to a scheduling conflict, we could not get our scheduled guest; so, a last minute audible led to one of our most exciting and interactive episodes yet! With the help of some quick recruiting and the help of some friends, Scott and Jason are joined this month by a great panel of guests for this celebratory Pedscast.

ACOP fourth year student trustee Jasmine Yu and her classmate Savanna Stoy from Rocky Vista University join us first to share their stories from the recent ACGME Match Week. Student Doctor Yu matched into her selected specialty of Emergency Medicine and Student Doctor Stoy will be joining the ACOP family as a pediatrics resident! The two share openly about the nerves around receiving the first email on the Monday of Match Week and how they both managed to keep themselves distracted until the big day, 5 days later when the official email with the Match location comes in on Friday of the week. We also take a look back at our January Pedscast when Student Doctor Yu also joined us to discuss managing VSLO and the Match process to discuss what advice was helpful, and now having gone through the process were there any surprises or other information that they wish they had known. Congratulations to both Student Doctors Yu and Stoy, and to all of our OMS-4’s who are celebrating this magnificent milestone in your osteopathic medical journey!!

Also joining the panel this month are the ACOP third year Student Trustee Madison Craft, OMS-2 and Student CME Chair Sukriti Prashar, and ACOP Board of Trustee member and Chair of the CME Committee David King, DO to talk about the exciting offerings for osteopathic pediatricians and pediatricians in training at our annual Spring CME Conference being held April 25-28 at the Omni Interlocken Hotel in beautiful Broomfield, CO, just minutes outside of Denver! With the theme of Bringing Osteopathy Back we have a program dedicated to integrating OMM into your daily practice in addition to more of the excellent talks by the nation’s experts that you have come to expect from the ACOP CME committee. For our medical students, the Spring CME also includes a dedicated student track built based on your requests and a moderated poster session where you can share your work… and this year we have 46 abstracts to celebrate!

Looking for ways to get involved as a student?? Contact our Student Trustees at [email protected]. You can also contact Jason and Scott at [email protected] if you have any requests, recommendations, or would like to join us for an episode to share your successes. Click here to find information on how to register for the upcoming conference and secure your room at the Omni Interlocken.  

Until next month!!

~Jason and Scott


Episode 032 – Spotlight on Students – Not All Heroes Wear Capes…But Some DO!

Scott and Jason love nothing more than to take the opportunity to turn the spotlight to one of the remarkable osteopathic medical students out there doing amazing things, and when they heard about this particular student, they knew that they needed to have her on the PedsCast to share her story with the listeners. In this month’s episode, Student Doctor Brianna Leonardo, OMS-III from Rowan-Virtua School of Osteopathic Medicine sits down with our hosts to discuss how she took an early hobby and passion and has turned it into a truly international operation.

Student Doctor Leonardo take us through how she used her passion for art, theatre and in particular costume design and cosplay and used it to create Heroes 4 Hire New England, an organization that now consists of over 45 individuals and the capacity to bring more than 200 of your favorite characters to life. She discusses the group’s roots and how it has evolved as she has continued through her medical training.  She also talks about how this experience has helped shape her as a future pediatrician, not just by experiencing the happiness in a child’s eyes when they get to connect with their favorite super hero but also teaching her how art and medicine blend together in the need to be constantly taking in the information around you and evolving your approach to connect with another human being. We also talk about the very practical lessons learned when it comes to time management, people management, and even a little bit of copyright law is thrown in.

If you are looking to be inspired by the amazing acts of our medical students, or even feeling like you have a passion for the arts and wonder how it can be incorporated into your life as a physician or physician-in-training, this episode is a MUST listen!

If you would like to learn more about Heroes 4 Hire New England (or even have them at one of your functions, as you will learn while listening to the episode they have gone almost everywhere!) you can see more at : or you can contact Student Doctor Leonardo at [email protected].

If you are a student with a passion that you would love to share with the ACOP Community, or if you have any other ideas for topics you’d like to hear Scott and Jason discuss don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected] with your requests. Guests are always welcome in the “studio”.

Until Next Month!!


Episode 031 – Welcome 2024! What to look forward to… and look out for

For the first official episode of 2024 we go back to the basics with just Scott and Jason at the microphones. Scott, freshly back from a trip to the other side of the World, kicks us off talking about what he is most excited for in the upcoming year – spoiler alert – it’s more of the great offerings from the ACOP and the chance to get together with colleagues and friends.  They also take a moment to celebrate each other, and all of you having just recognized National Pediatricians’ Day.

A discussion about vaccinations leads to a candid discussion about how to protect yourself and stay focused in an environment that has become so highly charged about so many things going on in the world and tips on how to both keep yourself grounded and focused on the patient and the physician family relationship; even if that means recognizing when that that relationship is beyond repair and the best thing to do is to go separate ways.

With the CDC recently sending out another warning about the spreading measles epidemic, Scott gives us a quick reminder of what to be on the look-out for in our clinics and rotations since many of us have not seen a measles patient before.

And just to end on a light note – stick around to the end to hear about some exciting things the ACOP and the Pedscast have in store for 2024. Thanks as always to you, our listeners, for your continued support. We want to wish you all a very happy belated National Pediatricians’ (and Pediatricians in training) Day, a happy new year, and we look forward to seeing you all in the months to come!

Episode 030VSLO, Audition Rotations, and Surviving OMS Year 4

Jason, Scott and the rest of the ACOP want to wish all of you a very Happy and Healthy 2024. To kick off this year’s ACOPedscast we have a special episode coming out at the start of the month geared specifically for OMS-3 listeners who are preparing to start scheduling your fourth year away rotations. Recorded at the end of 2023, Jason and Scott sit down with Fourth Year Student Trustee Member, Jasmine Yu and her classmate Lauren Tice to discuss their experiences with all things fourth year.

We discuss everything from enjoying some well-earned free time, to balancing Board prep with studying for rotations, and of course the ever daunting task of navigating through VSLO to arrange for away rotations. Our guests discuss what they felt helped, advice they had been given, and things they wish they knew heading into fourth year.

This candid and wide-ranging conversation is a must-listen resource for students preparing for your final year of medical school.

For further information regarding some of the resources discussed in the podcast you can look at: or for information about how to secure housing for rotations. Both Student Doctor Yu and Tice have agreed to answer further questions. If you have any, please send them to [email protected] and we will forward them to our guests to answer.

Thanks always for your continued listening and support of our podcast and other ACOP publications. Be on the lookout for more opportunities coming in 2024 to get involved. If you have any questions or requests, reach out to Jason and Scott at [email protected].

Happy New Year!



Episode 029Burrell COM and the JEDI Program

This month we get to take another opportunity to highlight some of the amazing work that our Osteopathic Medical Student community is doing to further Osteopathic Medicine. Jason and Scott sit down with two extraordinary student doctors from Scott’s own institution, Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine, Student Doctors Alberto Velasco and Anusia Mansukhani to discuss the creation and continued expansion of their Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, or JEDI Program.

Created by Student Doctor Velasco as a means to help incorporate DEI educational initiatives into osteopathic medical school activities and instruction; the JEDI program has now become a nationally recognized addition to osteopathic education and is in the process of being rolled out to 27 Osteopathic Medical Schools.  Using the guidance set forth by the program, students and educators can incorporate culturally congruent components to any lecture or extracurricular event with the goal of creating a more open, welcoming, inclusive, and just culture within the osteopathic medical community. By training our students to celebrate the diversity of not only the osteopathic medical community, but also the people we serve, the creators of the JEDI Program hope to create a new generation of Osteopathic Physicians prepared to care for the diverse population in a respectful and culturally competent manner.

Student Doctor Mansukhani, founder of the Burrell COM South Asian Medical Student Association, shares some personal stories on how she has taken the JEDI principles to create both her organization and special events at her school to celebrate the Festival of Diwali while providing education to the students and faculty about the vibrant history behind the Holiday and her culture.

For information about the JEDI program and how you can start incorporating it into your school’s or club’s activities you can go to: to find out more.

As always you can contact Jason and Scott at [email protected] with any questions, comments, or thoughts on upcoming episodes. 

A brief production note: while the hosts do plan on recording an episode in the month of December, due to scheduling, clinical duties, and setting aside time to be with family for the Holidays this will be the last episode for 2023. We want to wish you all a safe and happy Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year. We are grateful for your continued support and look forward to bringing you some great episodes – starting with 2 episodes in January – in the coming year!

~Jason and Scott~


Episode 028 – RSV, COVID, and Flu… Oh my!! 

As has become tradition this time of year, Jason and Scott sit down with our current recipient of the Career Achievement Award and the AOA liaison to the ACIP, Dr. Stan Grogg, DO, to go over the most recent updates on vaccines and preventative measures as we head into respiratory virus season.

The three had plenty to discuss with the roll-out of the new vaccines against RSV for pregnant parents and those over 65 years old, as well as the newest monoclonal antibody to help prevent the disease in our neonatal population.  Dr. Grogg answers some of what have been the most frequently asked questions about these exciting new advancements in battling RSV.

No respiratory virus talk would be complete without discussing the latest science and evidence-based recommendations surrounding COVID or the flu as well, so the trio also dive into what we should be advising our patients when it comes to staying protected from the latest iterations of these illnesses.

Always a treasure chest of information and education, Dr. Grogg provides some of the scientific background behind the formation of these measures as well as the evidence behind the recommendations, making this a must listen for everyone regardless of your stage in your education or career.

We want to thank Dr. Grogg for his tremendous wealth of knowledge and his continued generosity in sharing it with us. As he cycles off of the ACIP, we want to wish him all the best with the utmost gratitude. While he may be retiring from this post, he has no intentions of slowing down. Visit to learn about his medical mission trips and to see if there is an upcoming opportunity to join him.

For more information about the vaccines and injections we discuss in this episode you can go to or to to find a location near you to receive protection for the upcoming season.

As always, Jason and Scott can be reached at [email protected] if you have any feedback or recommendations for future episodes. We would love to hear from you!


Episode 027Meet our Student Trustees:  Jasmine Yu and Madison Craft

This annual Pedscast episode is always one of the favorites for Jason and Scott because it gives them an opportunity to highlight the important contribution that our Medical Student members make to the ACOP. As the academic year gets into full swing, we sit down with our returning and new Student Members to the Board of Trustees; Student Doctor Jasmine Yu, OMS-IV and Student Doctor Madison Craft, OMS-III.

In this episode Jason and Scott chat with our Student Trustees about what drew them to the ACOP and pediatrics, how they were able to get involved early, and what they hope to accomplish during this 2023-24 academic school year. They also provide some tips and tricks about how you can start getting involved at the local and national level in the ACOP.

This is a great episode for first and second year students who are interested in learning about how to get involved, and also for our entire listening community to get to know a little bit more about some of the people working hard behind the scenes to make the ACOP the organization that it is.

Have an idea for a Pedscast episode? Contact us at [email protected] and let us know!


Episode 026 – Special Episode: Spotlight on Student Advocacy with Student Doctor Sherri Eldin OMS-IV

The ACOPedscast is excited to introduce this new special series, that will hopefully become a regular addition to our monthly installations. One of the favorite activities of the ACOP is celebrating the successes and contributions of our medical students and trainees whenever possible. One area that our trainees are consistently active is in the area of healthcare advocacy.

In this inaugural special ‘Spotlight on Students’ episode Jason sits down with Student Doctor Sherri Eldin OMS-IV from Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine – Harlem. Student Doctor Eldin shares how her personal history drew her to a life of advocacy and then further to advocating for the disabled community. Sherri’s story serves as an excellent example of how to turn adversity into a thing of strength and a foundation on which to support others.

If you are looking for inspiration or have an interest in advocacy but are not sure how to start, this episode is a must listen. We want to congratulate Student Doctor Eldin on her accomplishments during her time at Touro COM – Harlem. If you have a special interest, passion, or achievement that you’d like to share with the ACOP family, let us know at [email protected] and we will set up a time for you to join us on the podcast.

Episode 025The “July Effect” Fact or Fiction? 

The ACOPedscast has officially reached the quarter-century mark!! It’s July, and certainly we have all either feared or survived the “July Effect”. For this month’s podcast Jason, Scott, and student correspondent Swetha sit down and break down the myth of the July effect, and how we as preceptors can help put this rumor to rest. Swetha comes with some amazing questions to help bring to light how this phenomenon came to be, if there are any little truths behind it, and how to counteract it while you are starting your first rotations, or starting a new level in your training. There is so much information in this, we tried to split it into two parts but just couldn’t find a great breaking point, so feel free to take your own intermission as you listen to the feature movie length 90-minute episode!! Does this episode spark an idea or question in your own mind?? Let us know by emailing us at [email protected]. Also we are looking to expand our topic areas so we are looking to our listeners to fill our Inbox with ideas!!

Episode 024 – Optimizing Mental Health for Our Patients and Ourselves

In celebration of May being named National Mental Health Awareness Month, Jason and Scott take the opportunity in this month’s Pedscast episode to sit down and discuss all things mental health. From how to approach a mental health complaint in your clinics, to how to identify a developing mental health concern in yourself and those around you, this episode takes a broad and honest look at this extremely important topic.

For more resources click the link provided: Lifeline (

Is there a topic you would like to hear Jason and Scott cover, or would you like to share your experience or accomplishments with the ACOP family as a guest on the podcast? Contact us at [email protected] for information about how to request topics or to join us as a guest on one of our upcoming episodes!!


Episode 023 – Special Episode: In Memoriam – Dr. Nancy Monaghan Beery, DO, FACOP

Dr. Nancy K. Monaghan Beery passed away on March 7, 2023, after an extended illness.

Dr. Monaghan Beery received a BS in Biology from Marquette University, her DO degree from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences and a Master of Public administration from University of Missouri-Kansas City. She completed a pediatric internship, residency and was also chief resident at University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS. She was employed as a pediatrician by Essentia Health in Duluth, MN. She was a clinical instructor for the Duluth Family Medicine Residency Program, Duluth, MN and at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, Duluth, MN. She was a fellow of the American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Dr. Monaghan Beery embodied everything an osteopathic pediatrician should be. She was passionate about educating future doctors, advocating for pediatric patients and their families, and promoting health and wellness. This was evident with her involvement within the American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians (ACOP) where she was a member for many years. She was the Chair of the Wellness Committee and created wellness events at ACOP continuing medical education conferences. She -served as Program Chair for several ACOP conferences, as well as Co-Chair for the CME Committee. She also held several positions on the ACOP Board of Trustees including Trustee, Secretary-Treasurer and Vice President.

Dr. Monaghan Beery was recognized for her contributions as a pediatrician with the 2018 ACOP Harold H. Finkel, DO and Arnold Melnick, DO Community Pediatrician of the Year Award. She also received an Excellence in Teaching award, Student Voice Award from the University of Kansas School of Medicine.

The ACOP extends our condolences to her husband, Mr. Michael Berry, her sons Joshua and Jacob Berry, family members, and friends.

Dr. Monaghan Beery was a great friend and colleague to the ACOP and its members. Her positive attitude, radiant smile, compassion, and kindness will forever be remembered.

Dr. Monaghan Beery’s family has requested that donations be made ACOP to in her honor. You may donate to the ACOP PRES Fund by clicking here.

Official Obituary

Episode 022 – Congrats on Matching… now what?!?!

It’s the second week in March, temperatures are starting to get warmer, days are getting longer, green food coloring is abound… and 4th year medical students are receiving notification about their Match results. Residency Match Day has always served as a moment of celebration as the soon to be graduates learn where they will be taking the next step in their medical training, leaving the classroom and stepping into the clinics, wards, and offices of their chosen specialty.

The question that often pops into the minds of these students is “What do I focus on for the last months of my fourth year?” For this episode of the Pedscast we have assembled an expert panel including co-host Scott Cyrus in his role of Dean of Pediatrics at Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine, and podcast regular Dr. Tyree Winters, Pediatric Residency Program Director at Goryeb Children’s Hospital in New Jersey. We are also joined by student correspondent Swetha Chengalvala, OMS-2 from Touro NY College of Osteopathic Medicine who brings questions from the students’ perspective for the panel to answer.

Enjoy this episode as the panelists, and host Jason Jackson, dive into these exciting months between Match and the start of residency. As always if this episode brought questions of your own up, don’t hesitate to send them to Jason and Scott as [email protected] to be discussed on future episodes.

Do you want more episodes where the hosts and panelists answer your questions? Let us know!!

Episode 021 – Responsible Resolutions, a New Look at Obesity, and the Gun Talk Continues

After taking a month off to start 2023, Scott and Jason jump back on the mic and into the studio with the first episode of the year with PLENTY to talk about. Like many of you, your hosts have made some New Year’s Resolutions to live a healthier and happier 2023. Whether it be to lose those last 10 pesky post-Holiday pounds, or to learn a new hobby or skill, nearly everyone starts out the year with some ambitious goals for the next 12 months. Scott and Jason discuss how this practice can be both productive and destructive if not done responsibly. They discuss how you can look at your own goals, as well as how to help coach your colleagues and patients on how to make responsible and achievable resolutions, as well as how to manage the inevitable set-backs.

This leads right into a discussion over the recently released first clinical guideline on the management of pediatric obesity by the AAP. This 100-page document takes an aggressive stance on battling the obesity epidemic among our nation’s use, including for the first time, the options of medical and surgical interventions for older adolescents. Scott breaks down some of the salient points of the new guidelines and tips on how to address this sensitive topic with your patients.

Lastly, unfortunately the conversation around talking with children about gun safety continues after another string of public shootings fills the early 2023 headlines, including one involving a 6-year-old shooter at an elementary school in Virginia. Scott and Jason discuss the headlines, how to talk to children about the events, and advice for parents torn between having guns in their homes and protecting their children.

If you are interested in some of the resources discussed in this issue here are some links:

For the AAP Guidelines on Pediatric Obesity:

Executive Summary of the Guidelines:

All it takes is HEART video:

Episode 020 – ACOP Year in Review 2022

What a year 2022 has been for the ACOP! In this month’s Pedscast Jason and Scott take a look back at the celebrations and successes of the past year for the members of the ACOP. From the return to in-person CME conferences to being awarded the Outstanding Affiliate of the Year Award by the AOA at this year’s OMED Conference, there has been much to celebrate. We hope you will take some time to look back on your OWN successes from the past year and allow yourself the time to take in the warmth of the Holiday Season while acknowledging your accomplishments.

Jason, Scott, and the entire ACOP family wishes you a wonderful Holiday Season and we look forward to spending time with you again as we kick off a happy and healthy 2023!  Thank you for your continued support of our Podcast!!


Episode 019 – SPECIAL Episode: OMED Reactions from the Medical Student Perspective

Following the wrap of OMED on 10/31, Jason was contacted by Student Doctor Swetha Chengalvala, OMS-II of NY Touro School of Osteopathic Medicine regarding the experience from a student’s perspective. After further talking they decided that this would be a GREAT topic for a Special Pedscast episode, and as they say… the rest is history!! In this special episode Jason and Scott sit down the Swetha and her classmate Student Doctor Dana Nissan, OMS-II to discuss not only their highlights and takeaways from their first OMED experience, but also the importance of attending these conferences for medical students as both an excellent source of education and a great way to meet other students and practicing physicians in your field. For many of us, mentor-mentee relationships have begun by attending one of the ACOP CME conferences, whether it be in conjunction with OMED in the fall or one of the Spring ACOP only conferences, and these relationships continue to thrive.

Be sure to subscribe to The ACOPedscast on your favorite platform for streaming podcasts, and as always Jason and Scott can be reached for other episode ideas, or questions at [email protected]. Happy Listening!!

Episode 018 – OMED Recap and Interviewing Pearls from the Experts

Fresh off of an exciting and inspiring trip to Boston, Mass for the annual Fall OMED Conference and ACOP Fall CME, Jason and Scott sit down in the booth to discuss highlights from their weekends. They are joined this month by special guest Dr. Tyree Winters, DO. Dr. Winters currently serves as the Secretary/Treasurer of the ACOP and is the Pediatric Residency program director at Goryeb Children’s Hospital in Morristown, New Jersey. You may also know him from his healthy lifestyle alter ego “Hip Hop with a Doc” on YouTube.

After sharing their favorite ACOP conference stories, Scott, Jason, and Tyree move into a discussion that is always at the tip of many trainees’ tongues, especially in the era of virtual interviews, that of how to make the most of your brief time when interviewing for the next step of medical training. Having a panel that consists of people who interview for all levels of medical training from medical school up to sub-specialty fellowship, the three are able to discuss important do’s and do not’s of virtual interviewing.

This episode is a must-listen for trainees on all points along their medical education journey from the pre-med student looking at osteopathic medical schools to the senior resident considering fellowship training!

If this episode sparks additional questions… or if you have any unrelated questions or comments… contact the hosts at [email protected]. You can also follow the ACOP on Instagram at @ACOPediatricians or Twitter at @ACOPeds. You can also find Dr. Winters on social media at @tmswdo.

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Episode 017 – See you in Boston!

As promised, the delay in getting September’s episode out to you was not going to slow us down. For this month, Scott and Jason welcome ACOP CME Committee member and Past Program Chair David King, DO, to the Pedscast to talk about what we are looking forward to as the ACOP travels to Boston, Mass, for their fall CME conference. After a brief hiatus during COVID, the ACOP returns to being a part of the larger AOA-OMED Conference which is running from October 27-30, 2022. Not only will there be exceptional pediatric lectures from your ACOP colleagues and invited guests, but also as part of OMED you have the chance to catch lectures from up to 20 different sub-specialties, as well as enjoy the Exhibit Hall, hear from the OMED Key Note Speakers, and for the practicing physicians, reconnect with friends from your Osteopathic Medical Schools during the Saturday Alumni events throughout the city. On top of that, you celebrate with the ACOP as we receive a distinguished honor from the AOA… more on that later! If you can’t make it to Boston, registration does allow you access to the selected livestreaming events during the conference AND access to on-demand talks once the conference has completed. Did we mention that it is FREE registration for all trainees?!?!

So if you’re already registered and want to hear an overview of what to expect, or if you’re still considering and need more encouragement to join us this is a great episode for you. Hang on for the end of the episode for how to get involved in the ACOP as well as a surprise announcement from Jason about the future of the ACOPedscast podcast series!!

For more information on how to get involved contact us at: [email protected]

To register for the in-person or virtual conference the link can be found at: or

Episode 016 – September PedsCast Potpourri
As they say “It’s better late than never” September’s episode of the ACOPedscast is coming to you a little late. With no special guest joining them, Jason and Scott are left without supervision to run the gamut of topics for this month’s episode. They cover everything from Fall sports, back-to-school safety, the new AAP Statement on Helmet Use among others. The topic of interview do’s and don’ts also comes up, leading Scott and Jason to decide to do a listener Q&A about interviews for the November episode. Make sure to get your questions in to [email protected] by the end of October to have them answered by our distinguished panel.  Don’t worry October’s episode will still be available shortly as we highlight the upcoming ACOP Fall CME Conference in conjunction with OMED in Boston, MA.

Episode 015Special Episode – ACOP eJournal Volume 14 Number 1
This special episode of the ACOPedscast podcast series is the first of what will hopefully become a regularly occurring special episode where we take a look at the most recent issue of the ACOP’s own scholarly journal the quarterly ACOP eJournal. Jason and Scott discuss the most recent issue, Volume 14 Number 1 and are joined by the authors of one of the case reports. Drs. Kailey Remien, DO, and Marisa Mancuso, DO, both pediatric residents at Akron Children’s Hospital in Akron, Ohio, join the podcast to discuss their interesting case report “18-year-old male with emesis found to have intractable singultus”. They discuss the case as well as their decision-making on how to write up the report and the submission process to the eJournal. This is a great episode to listen to to learn about this interesting case as well as to get inspired to submit your own scholarly work!

You can find the most recent issue of the eJournal at this link:

Episode 014 – Meet Our Student Trustees!
For August’s Pedscast episode, Jason and Scott thought what better way to celebrate the return of medical students to the classrooms and our first- year students receiving their White Coats than to have a casual sit down session with our current third and fourth year Student Trustees Jasmine Yu, OMS-3 and Clarisse Fres, OMS-4. These two bright student doctors discuss the paths they took towards getting involved in the ACOP, and how that led them to the nationwide leadership positions they now hold. They also talk about what it has meant to them to be recognized as leader in the Osteopathic Pediatric community and what doors this experience has opened for them. Finally, they describe what the ACOP has to offer the student members of our college, from mentorship and guidance in publishing your work to independent, student-designed tracks at our Spring conferences.

The ACOP values the contribution and input that we receive from the members of our student chapters! If you are looking for ways to get involved, or even to learn more about how to apply to become one of our next Student Trustees, contact Jasmine and Clarisse at [email protected].

As always if you are interested in guesting on our Pedscast podcast or have a question/request that you would like for Jason and Scott to discuss, you can reach them at [email protected]!!

Episode 013 – Stan Grogg Talks Vaccines and World Travel
Podcast regular Dr. Stan Grogg joins Jason and Scott for July’s episode to try to help us make sense of the much anticipated though rather confusing COVID vaccine sequence options for the 6 months to 5 year population.  This primer is a must-listen for anyone providing this resource to their youngest patients.

We then switch gears and in honor of summer discuss all things travel from someone who has travelled, and helped people literally to every end of the globe. Stan talks travel preparedness, precautions, and of course some of his favorite places to go. For listeners looking for ways to get involved in Global Medicine, take a look at his foundation Power of a Nickel at

Episode 012Welcome Dr. Cyrus!
The ACOPedscast podcast series returns again, and this time with a NEW co-host! Dr. Jackson welcomes Dr. Scott Cyrus, DO, FACOP to the studio as the newest addition to the series. Jason and Scott kick off the episode discussing the excellent talks at the recent ACOP Spring Conference in Destin, FL as well as how these CME events are much more than a few days of learning from experts; they are also an wonderful opportunity to come together and build relationships.

After a shout out to the superb students of the ACOP; the hosts move on to tackle two major topics on the minds of pediatricians and families at this time, the nationwide formula shortage and the rampant rise of gun violence. Looking at these important issues from multiple angles and discussing how we can help support our communities and each other, Scott and Jason shed some light on how the ACOP is approaching this and other issues in the pediatric population.


Episode 011 -Meet ACOP Gold Sponsor: Kabrita US
In this newest episode of the ACOP Pedscast series, host Jason Jackson sits down with Erica Fine of Kabrita US, one of this spring’s Gold Sponsors for our virtual CME. Hopefully you were able to stop by her virtual booth to get information about Kabrita’s products, but if not, this conversation covers everything from the history of Kabrita US to the fundamentals of milk proteins including why brought Kabrita to the realm of goat’s milk formula products. This very educational and interesting episode is a must listen.  If you would like more information regarding Kabrita US’s goat milk formulas or general nutritional information contact Erica at [email protected] or at their website!  

DISCLAIMER: The American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians as an organization does not explicitly endorse any single product or service. This podcast is a service provided in gratitude to Kabrita US as an exclusive benefit to our Gold Sponsors of our CME events. We want to thank Kabrita US for its continued support of our educational endeavors.

Episode 010  – Conversation with Dr. Gretta Gross, DO, Med of the NBOME
Welcome back listeners!  After a brief break, host Jason Jackson returns with Season 2 of the ACOP Pedscast podcast series. In this episode, geared towards our student listeners Jason sits down with Dr. Gretta Gross, DO, Med. Dr. Gross is the Vice President for Clinical Skills teaching at the NBOME, and had a major part in the conversations and decision making around the now indeterminate suspension of the COMLEX Level 2-PE exam. Hear the extensive thought process and timeline as Dr. Gross breaks down how these difficult decisions came to fruition during the peak of the COVID-19 crisis.

UPDATE: Since the recording of this interview, the Special Commission Dr. Gross speaks of has released new statements regarding the pathway to licensure for the Class of 2020, 2021, and 2022 regarding the COMLEX Level 2-PE. This information can be found at:


Episode 009 – Members in the Spotlight with Dr. Tyree Winters, DO
In this special episode we take a moment to celebrate one of our members currently in the spotlight. Dr. Tyree Winters, DO, a member of the ACOP Board of Trustees was recently featured in The DO magazine discussing how he works to improve the diversity within the Osteopathic Medicine community as well as how recent events have brought the need for increased diversity to the forefront. He also discusses his work through Tour4Diversity to bring the osteopathic medical field to underrepresented minorities in medicine.  This is a great supplement to the recent episodes regarding racial inequality in healthcare and our special episode following the Jan. 6th attack on our Nation’s Capitol.

To see the article follow:

To get more information regarding Tour4Diverstiy:

To follow Dr. Winters on social media:

  • Twitter: @tmswDO
  • Instagram: @t4d_drwinters

Episode 008 – Spring CME Update with Dr. Jamee Goldstein
As we all continue to adjust to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the ACOP continues to adapt to ensure that we continue to provide our members with state-of-the-art educational opportunities while maintaining the highest standards of safety. In this episode of Pedscast, host Jason Jackson sits down with CME Committee chairperson Dr. Jamee Goldstein, DO to discuss the changes made to the now all-virtual ACOP/AAP SOOPe Joint conference to be held this Spring. She gives us a breakdown of the decision making that led to transitioning to an all virtual format as well as a preview of what we can expect from our top notch presenters. Registration is now open and can be found at:

Episode 007 COVID-19 Update with Dr. Stan Grogg
In this episode our host Jason Jackson sits down with the AOA to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) to discuss the latest regarding the COIVD-19 vaccine roll out and expectations for the future regarding schools reopening and returning to travel. We also take some time to talk about Dr. Grogg’s nonprofit medical mission organization, The Power of a Nickel, and how he envisions this organization aiding in future efforts to get vaccinations to all ends of the globe.  This episode is a great companion to his upcoming PULSE article helping us to make sense of the different vaccines and guidance on how to counsel families with questions.

UPDATE: Since the recording of this podcast, the CDC has released its updated guidelines for safely reopening and maintaining schools. These can be found at

Click here for recent ACIP Meeting Reports from Dr. Grogg.

For more information about The Power of a Nickel visit:

For more information regarding COVID-19 new and vaccination updates:

Episode 006 – Caring for yourself and your patients during times of crisis
In this special podcast round table episode; host Jason Jackson, DO, sits down with ACOP President, Dr. Jacqueline Kaari, DO, and Board of Trustee members Dr. Tyree Winters, DO, Dr. Erin Thornley, DO, Dr. Samantha DeMarsh, DO, and Student Doctor Kali Sanford, OMS-IV, to discuss the recent events at the Nation’s Capital as well many of events that shaped our 2020 and early 2021. The panel discusses not only how they are processing these events through a personal lens but also how they are trying to help parents and patients to understand the events of the past year. A very thought provoking, open, and at time personal conversation, this episode is a must-listen to anyone who is still trying to explain the series of events over of the past several months either to themselves or their community.

Additional resources for talking with children about trauma can be found at:

Episode 005 – Diversity Round Table Series – Racial Inequality in Health Care (Part One)
In this first episode of our Diversity Round Table series, discussion facilitator Dr. Tyree Winters, DO, FACOP, takes over the mic as he welcomes his colleagues and friends, Dr. Jose Bustillo, DO, and Dr. Alexis Phillips-Walker, DO, in a round table discussion about racial inequalities in health care. This portion of the conversation tackles the important topics of the prevalence of Underrepresented Minorites in Medicine (UIM) in leadership roles as well as the importance of mentorship for members of this community. 

Episode 004 – SPECIAL EPISODE – Call to Action: ACOP Mentorship Collaborative 
This is a very special episode for those of you who are looking for ways to get more involved in the ACOP. Host and editor Jason Jackson sits down once again with Resident Member to the Board of Trustees Dr. Samantha DeMarsh, DO, PGY-2 to discuss the quickly growing ACOP Mentorship Collaborative! Members at all stages of their training or practice are eligible to sign up to be a part of this initiative as both a mentee and a mentor. Listen to Dr. DeMarsh describe the uniqueness of this project and how it makes the ACOP an extremely unique organization to belong to! After listening to the episode be sure to click the link below to find out more and to sign up!

Original music composed and performed by James Cyrus of Tulsa, OK, and son of ACOP member and past President Scott Cyrus, DO.

ACOP Mentorship Collaborative: ​

Episode 003 – Residency Round Table with Oklahoma State University
This is the first of many episodes for our medical student members as we discuss navigating interviews and ranking for residency programs in the time of COVID-19. In this episode, host Jason Jackson hands the mic over to Student Trustee Kali Sanford, OMS-IV, and Resident Trustee Dr. Samantha DeMarsh DO, PGY-2.  They sit down with Dr. Laura Bode, DO, program director of the OMECO Teaching Health Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dr. Shawna Seagraves Duncan, DO, program director of the Oklahoma State University Medical Center, and Dr. Baylee Arreola, DO, a member of the intern class at Oklahoma State University.  Listen to them discuss tips and tricks of navigating interviews and the Match.  If you’d like more information you can find the emails of all participants below as well as some excellent online resources!!

Contact Information:
Dr. Baylee ​Arreola, DO, PGY-1: [email protected] 
Dr. Samantha DeMarsh, DO, PGY-2:  [email protected] 
Dr. Shawna Segraves Duncan, DO:  [email protected] 
Dr. Laura Bode, DO: 
Dr. Jason Jackson, DO: [email protected] 
Kali Sanford, OMS-IV: [email protected] 

Informational links:

Episode 002ACOP 2020 Virtual Conference Preview w/ Dr. Jamee Goldstein
Host Jason Jackson is joined in this episode by Co-Chair of the CME Committee and Board member, Jamee Goldstein, DO, FACOP to talk about the upcoming 100% virtual ACOP Fall Virtual Conference. They discuss the decisions leading up to the creation of this first-ever endeavor for the ACOP, how the weekends will go for members, what you can expect, and how to register. Listen in to learn what excellent educational opportunities will be heading your way soon!

Episode 001 – Welcome to ACOPedscast
Join host Jason Jackson, DO, FACOP as well as special guests Dr. Erin Thornley, DO, FACOP, the Fellow-in-Training Representative to the ACOP Board of Trustees, and Dr. Samantha DeMarsh, DO, the current Resident Representative to the ACOP Board of Trustees, as they introduce you to the new ACOP PedsCast podcast series. This episode will give you an idea of what to expect as well as how to contact us with ideas!

Contact us at: [email protected]