Mentorship Collaborative

The ACOP has identified the importance of, and great need for, a strong mentorship within our College, especially given the current and future landscape of osteopathic pediatric practice. Recognizing this need, we have created and implemented a  formal mentorship collaborative through the College. Through your membership with the ACOP, you have the opportunity to participate in this opportunity as either a mentee, mentor, or both! Every level of training is welcome! Based on the information you provide; we will pair you with a mentee/mentor to establish a formal mentoring relationship. The mentoring relationship can be as consistent as you would like it to be or are able for it to be–there are no requirements.

Additionally, as a part of this program, we are compiling a database of professional information (name, professional email, location of training/practice, and sub-specialty field) to be accessed on the member’s only section of our website for those seeking mentors. Your information (limited to the above) would be included in this database for members of our College at any training level to reach out for career advice or other questions.

Mentorship Collaborative – Mentee List (ACOP Member Login Required to Access)

Mentorship Collaborative – Mentor List (ACOP Member Login Required to Access)

Mentorship Collaborative – Application (Must be an ACOP Member to Apply)