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Question of the Month – (April 2024)

You are concerned about a patient you are seeing who has recently completed a PHQ9 depression screen during a wellness checkup and scored 13. The adolescent has responded ‘No’ to all questions on the ASK Suicide Risk Screening Tool questions. In addition, the parent has concerns and has shared with you some recent changes in the household and school, including recent separation of parents and the child being bullied at school. Upon further discussion with the father, he shares that he does own a firearm which he reports keeping around for protection in case of an intruder. What would be the best recommendation to give to this father regarding storage of his firearm? 

A. The firearm should be stored unloaded and locked. Additionally, the ammunition should be locked and stored separately from the firearm.
B. Keeping the firearm hidden and out of reach where his child would be unable to find it is appropriate.
C. The father should keep it close by and ready to use should there be an intruder.
D. You should refrain from discussing recommendations regarding the safe storage of firearms.

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